January 30, 2013

Never Knowing The End Result

Most days I find a spot to sit and draw, and almost always I have people ask me if I know what I’m drawing today, or if I have something in mind when I’m just doodling. This brings up a good question; do artists as a whole need to know the results before they even begin? Some may say that artist need to have a clear understanding on what the piece needs, like a specific pose perhaps, or if the image will be a landscape, deciding whether the landscape will have a certain variety of tree in it, but its overall composition or layout does not need to be known prior the pencil hitting the paper, especially when it’s just a doodle. Many of the wonderful pictures I have seen are the ones on the end of piece of scratch paper, or quick gesture between meetings, or classes.  I believe that if artist knew the end of every piece prior to even starting they might not even begin.   Part of the joy of art is letting your imagination and creativity come to light. I find that a great way to do this is simply just get drawing, and quit thinking.  It’s like the child that stares at the clouds to find something familiar in its shape.  There was no predetermined object the child was looking for they just let their mind make it come to life for them.  So to artist must let their imaginations make a piece come to life for them.